Future hydro projects

In addition to the acquisition of the Coya and Pangal hydro power plants in 2004 from state-owned copper company CODELCO, Pacific Hydro also acquired water rights to develop, deliver and operate up to 600 MW in the Cachapoal River Basin.

The 111 MW Chacayes run-of-river hydro power plant marked the beginning of Pacific Hydro’s development activities in the Cachapoal Valley.

Our development pipeline in the Cachapoal Valley includes another six hydro projects, with a combined installed capacity of 450 MW, which could potentially be developed: Nido de Águila, Los Reyes, Cortaderal, Tres Ríos, Las Cayanas and Las Arándanos.

Together, these projects would avoid more than one million tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution from entering the atmosphere every year when fully operational. They would also help to meet Chile’s increasing demand for electricity and contribute to the country’s economic growth and to the sustainable development of the local communities.