Vale dos Ventos wind farm

The Vale dos Ventos Wind Farm (or “Valley of Winds”) is Pacific Hydro’s largest asset in Brazil.

Located on private farming land in the north eastern region of Mataraca, in the state of Paraiba, the Vale dos Ventos Wind Farm consists of 60 x 800 KW wind turbines which are hosted by five landholders.

As the generators and roads that make up the wind farm only take up five percent of land, farming has been able to continue uninterrupted.

Operating since 2009, the Vale dos Ventos Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 48 MW, enough energy to supply up to 100,000 Brazilian homes and abate approximately 17,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution every year.

Clean energy produced by the Vale dos Ventos Wind Farm is sold under a long term sales agreement to Eletrobrás, a Brazilian state-owned generation, transmission and distribution company.

Gaining the support of the community is vital to Pacific Hydro’s process and extensive consultation was undertaken at the site on a range of important issues including visual amenity, local flora and fauna and cultural heritage. Pacific Hydro also worked closely with the local community to minimize disturbance during the construction phase.

Significant employment opportunities have been created in the region during the construction of the project.

Over the years, Pacific Hydro continued to invest in local community initiatives, supporting sustainability and social cohesion. The project has also created an alternative tourism opportunity in the area and revegetation programs are helping to support local biodiversity.