Millennium wind farm

The Millennium Wind Farm was Pacific Hydro’s first renewable energy development in Brazil.

Located in the state of Paraiba, city of Mataraca, in northeast Brazil, the site was an ideal location with strong coastal winds, large land area for wind generator placement, easy access for construction vehicles and machinery as well as ready connection to the Electricity Grid.

Operating since 2007, the Millennium Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 10 MW, enough energy to supply up to 40,000 Brazilian homes, and abate approximately 4,600 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution every year.

Clean energy produced by the Millennium Wind Farm is sold under a long term sales agreement to Eletrobrás, a Brazilian state-owned generation, transmission and distribution company.

To ensure minimal impact on the environment, the project also operates under an Environmental Management System certified to the international standard ISO 14001.

The project has already made a significant contribution to the local economy with the 13 Enercon wind generators manufactured locally by Wobben, an Enercon subsidiary in Brazil. It has also delivered a range of social and economic benefits to the local community over the years.

The Millennium Wind Farm received funding from the Bank of Northeast of Brazil (BNB). BNB is a regional development bank that promotes the economic development of the Northeast of Brazil through competitive loans.  BNB has a special focus on the renewable energy sector, including wind projects.