Going to work with a spring in our step

11 March 2014

A good work culture can make the difference between getting out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm for a new day and going into work with accumulating dread.

Pacific Hydro has spent many years nurturing a strong and supportive work culture that develops employees, supports health and wellbeing, builds team morale, promotes an open and honest environment, and provides career opportunities.

Bernadette Holland has been with the company for three years. “The best part of my job is the great variety of things I get to work on,” she says. “Every day I speak to people in Chile, Brazil and at our different sites in Australia - my day is never boring or repetitious. There are also the site visits, special celebrations, global career opportunities and supportive workplace policies that make this a great place to work.”

Adam Roddick, who was recently promoted within our IT Server Network team, comments, “My team and manager provide me with excellent support and mentoring for both my professional and personal development, both in and out of the scope of my defined role. This is something I really appreciate as someone in the early years of my career.”

The Pacific Hydro culture is fundamentally built on a commitment to contributing to a clean energy future by making a sustainable difference economically to our shareholders, socially to our communities and environmentally to the world’s climate. This makes Matthew Forwood, General Manager of Generation for Australia, feel good about coming to work in the morning.

“We might be a small player on the global stage, but we are making a significant difference,” he says. “I feel good about coming to work each day given what we do as a company.”

Our values of action, dedication, energy, inclusion and leadership, which everyone helped develop, also guide the way we approach our working day.

Julie Verbec, who works in our Operations area, says, “My manager has great leadership skills, treats me with respect and is easy to get along with, and I have a great team to work with. I love the extra things like the Spanish lessons and the fact that a healthy lifestyle is encouraged with corporate triathlons and boot camps. And I love working for a renewable energy company that is contributing to a better future.”

So that’s why we get out of bed in the morning, with a spring in our step.


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