Brazil –The Hub of Diversity

30 June 2014

Pacific Hydro has been operating in Brazil since 2006. In the spirit of World Cup fever, we are celebrating all things Brazil.

With each Brazilian city having at least one football stadium, it’s safe to say Brazil is fanatical about football.

Leaders on the international fashion scene, Brazil is also a bounty of culture, innovation and natural beauty and we’re not talking about the fashion model Gisele.

You may already know Brazil has won more World Cup soccer finals than any other country (five!), but did you know they are also one of the leading producers of hydroelectric power in the world? It’s true; Brazil has been totally energy independent since 2006.

Here are our top 9 super facts about Brazil and why we think it’s a great country:

  1. Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world. Spanning 4,506 km from north to south, it is also the longest country in the world.
  2. Pacific Hydro has two wind farms in Brazil. The Vale dos Ventos (48MW) and Millennium wind farms generate a combined 58.2MW of clean power. Since they started operating, they have generated 696,418MWh of clean renewable energy.
  3. Brazil has the world's largest jungle, the Amazon, in the north of the country.
  4. Almost 45 per cent of Brazil’s energy demand is met by renewable energy – they have one of the least carbon intensive energy sectors worldwide.
  5. The Christ Redeemer statue, located in Rio De Janeiro, is one of the new seven wonders of the world.
  6. Brazil has the biggest variety of animals in the world. It is home to 600 mammals, 1,500 fish species, 1,600 varieties of birds, and 100,000 different types of insects. It also has the most species of monkeys in the world!
  7. With a population of around 200 million people, Brazil has roughly 20 times more people than Australia.
  8. Brazil exports coffee, soybeans, wheat, rice, cocoa, citrus, beef and sugarcane.
  9. Many Caipirinha’s - Brazil's national cocktail - are consumed during the week long Carnaval that takes place in Rio. Attracting 2 million revelers each day, the Rio Carnaval is the most famous street carnival in the world. The Carnaval parade is the climax of the whole festival where samba schools compete with each other in choreography, costumes, music lyrics, floats and aesthetics.

Click here for a summary infographic of our Top 9 Super Facts about Brazil.


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