Our strategy

Pacific Hydro is focused on a clear strategy to achieve ambitious growth, and deliver profitable, responsible and sustainable renewable energy projects in Australia, Brazil and Chile.

Our sustainable business strategy is straightforward:

- optimise the operational efficiencies and earnings from existing assets;
- develop a diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets through development or acquisition that deliver growth and add economic value;
- review and capture appropriate emerging renewable developments and acquisitions; and
- develop vertical integration opportunities that complement the operation and development of new projects.

This straightforward business approach works: we maximise returns from existing projects for use in new developments and achieve outstanding results by applying proven renewable energy technologies to new opportunities.

While remaining at the forefront of the Australian renewable energy market, we have been able to capitalise on selected opportunities overseas, and will continue to do so. We know the regions, and the governments willing to embrace renewable energy, and we are trusted as a leader in the field.

We value our experienced team, strategic partnerships and community support as our foundation for continued profitability and growth. With our impressive suite of new development opportunities, we’re well on track to achieve our long term goals.

Our goals are ambitious but achievable. Pacific Hydro is active now, across the globe, powering a cleaner world.