Our competitive edge

In an increasingly competitive market place, Pacific Hydro’s strong reputation, expertise, and innovative culture set us apart.

We are pioneers of the Australian and Brazilian wind markets, while in Chile, we are paving the way with new run-of-river hydro opportunities. When we negotiated the sale of the Kyoto Protocol Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from our Fijian hydro projects in June 2005 (which were sold in 2010) we achieved another first: the world’s first bank-intermediated carbon credit deal.

Our business acumen teamed with our technological expertise means we’re able to successfully assess, design, develop, construct, manage and operate innovative industry-leading projects worldwide.

We consider the relationships we form with our stakeholders as the foundation to our success. Whether we’re working with governments, business partners and customers, or fostering positive relationships with our lenders, landholders and local communities, we approach every aspect of our business in a spirit of cooperation, open communication and consultation.

Our key customers, who include Argyle Diamonds and Origin Energy in Australia, CODELCO and Chilectra in Chile, and Eletrobrás in Brazil, greatly value the mutually rewarding relationships we’ve built with them.