Pacific Hydro Chile receives Sello ProPyme

10 January 2012

Pacific Hydro Chile received Sello ProPyme certification during a ceremony at La Moneda, today.

The Sello ProPyme is an initiative implemented by the Ministry of Economy to ensure better conditions for small and medium sized enterprises. The certification, audited every six months, provides an avenue for larger companies to demonstrate their commitment to pay their small and medium suppliers within 30 days.

Chile’s President, Sebastian Piñera, said that Sello ProPyme is a way to boost a ‘new culture of payments’, fostering better habits for large companies.

“Cash flow is one of the main challenges for the growth and development of small and medium sized companies,” said Mr Piñera.

The President thanked the companies that made an effort to receive the certification and emphasised that the Government “wants this payment practice to become a rule and not an exception.”

Chile’s Minister for Economy Pablo Longueira said that Sello ProPyme was the most important contribution to small and medium sized companies in the country.

“We want to see Corporate Social Responsibility actions focusing on small and medium sized businesses and a commitment from large companies with these entrepreneurs.”

Patricio Silva, a Pacific Hydro supplier and local entrepreneur from Chacayes, O’Higgins Region, played an important role at the ceremony. Addressing more than 100 guests, Mr Silva spoke about the effort and work that have allowed him to become a small businessman today and to employ 18 people in the region.

“My family’s quality of life has improved significantly,” said Mr Silva. “I started with a very old truck called ‘La Joyita’ and today I have two vans and a truck for myself and my team. I am very proud of what I achieved and I am very thankful for the initial support I received from Pacific Hydro,” he said.

“We are very proud that Patricio was able to share his experience because his achievements reflect our main objective for involvement in this initiative, which is to provide opportunities for people like him, people that are willing to work hard to achieve their goals,” said Carolina Pellegrini, Corporate Affairs Manager at Pacific Hydro Chile.

“We know that cash flow is essential for the viability of small and medium businesses, which make up an important part of our supply chain,” added Mrs Pellegrini.