Moree Solar Farm – A Glimpse of Our Energy Future

18 June 2011

Australia’s leading renewable energy company, Pacific Hydro, welcomes today’s Commonwealth and NSW Government announcement that they will provide significant funding for the world class Moree Solar Farm.

“We thank the Commonwealth Government for selecting our consortium under the Solar Flagships program and we also thank the New South Wales Government for providing funding towards the project,” said Pacific Hydro’s general manager for Australia, Mr Lane Crockett.

“Both are substantial contributions to building a cleaner energy future and we congratulate them for their leadership.”

With a total generating capacity of 150MW and covering an area of 9 square kilometres, the Moree Solar Farm will be one of the biggest grid connected solar photovoltaic installations in the world.

Pacific Hydro, along with its consortium partners BP Solar and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), has been developing the project over the last 12-18 months and are delighted with today’s announcement.

“Pacific Hydro has long been at the forefront of Australia’s renewable energy industry and today’s announcement signals the next stage of our company’s evolution.”

“We are thrilled to be part of this consortium. BP Solar and FRV are highly professional organisations who are as committed as Pacific Hydro to seeing Australia maximise its competitive advantage in renewable energy resources,” added Mr Crockett.

The Moree Solar Farm will also be eligible to create Renewable Energy Certificates under the Federal Governments Large Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET). As of 1 January 2011 small scale and large scale renewable energy was split into separate schemes. LRET is expected to drive in excess of $20 billion in new utility scale renewable energy over the coming decade.

“There is no doubt that with strong policies in support of renewable energy and the introduction of a price on carbon, Australia is on the verge of an exciting transformation.”

“Utility scale renewable energy is highly effective, economically efficient and is continually improving.”

The Moree Solar Farm will comprise 650,000 high efficiency solar photovoltaic panels that are currently being deployed in domestic, commercial and utility installations around the world.

“The Moree Solar Farm provides us with a glimpse of our energy future; a future full of technology innovation, energy market transformation and significant regional economic growth.”

“A project of this scale will mean Australia can finally lay claim to being a leader in solar PV technology.”

This initiative has been part funded by the Australian Government.